Dr. Michael Boston

Chief of Staff, Strategy, and Integration

Dr. Michael Boston works on behalf of the CEO to set the strategy for the Dinocrates family of companies and to manage the staff executing the companies’ day-to-day operations. He is uniquely qualified to serve in this role due to his 25 years of expertise setting up and managing large-scale operations and technology programs for the private sector and the U.S. military, including serving as the chief information officer for the U.S. Army National Guard of Maryland.

Dr. Boston embodies a unique combination of commander, professor, strategist, and technologist, allowing him to effectively plan and manage activities across the rapidly expanding company.

Before joining Dinocrates, Dr. Boston was the CEO of Eximius Group International, a consultancy focused on management consulting and due diligence support to companies, private equity firms, and merger and acquisition clients.

Prior to this role, he stood up and managed numerous technology programs across the U.S. Army and the U.S. Army Reserves in CONUS and in combat zones for Special Operations units. His broad military experience spanned 24 years and ranged from setting up IT and cyber programs, to training soldiers prior to deployment. Dr. Boston received the Purple Heart during his military service.

Between military deployments, Dr. Boston worked with private-sector organizations supporting the military with technology deployments and program management.

In addition to his corporate and military experience, Dr. Boston is shaping the future of government technology through multiple initiatives. He served as a professor at Johns Hopkins University teaching future government leaders about the important role of U.S. national security. He also serves on the board of directors for the Asymmetric Studies Institute, guiding the specialized think tank in its efforts to educate and train future U.S. government and civilian leaders.

Dr. Boston earned a Doctor of Science degree in information systems and communications from Robert Morris University, an MA in management from Harvard University, and BS and MS degrees in information systems management from the University of Maryland University College. He also is a graduate of the Chief Information Officer Program at the National Defense University.