Imagine a shared computer accessible to anyone, a single source in which to store events, ownership and activities. Envision executing continuously up-to-date workflows involving multiple parties without the use of separate systems and databases. Rapid worldwide adoption of distributed ledgers – commonly referred to as blockchain – is bringing these revolutionary capabilities and more, changing the way digital services are provided across all industries.


Dinocrates Group is uniquely positioned to help our clients prepare for the creative disruption blockchain is causing, as well as help them leverage that disruption to achieve their business goals.

We provide guidance on the design and implementation of distributed ledgers and their impact to business ecosystems, value chains, and transactions. We are also one of the only small businesses that can augment our blockchain solutions with expertise in two other game-changing technologies: robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Our Areas of Focus

  • Process Management
  • Security
  • Business Case Development
  • Product Development
  • Efficiency Improvement

Dinocrates’ Expertise Can Help Your Organization Answer Crucial Blockchain Questions

  • How significant is blockchain for my industry?
  • Where could blockchain provide the greatest competitive advantage for my organization?
  • How could blockchain improve my products, services, and business processes?
  • What cost savings opportunities could blockchain provide?
  • What is the best first step to develop blockchain for my organization?

Blockchain Advisory Services

Business Model Innovation

Blockchain has the potential to sustain market-shifting technology innovation, challenging existing business models. Dinocrates has served market leaders by defining the emerging business model landscape, identifying natural extensions of value, and redesigning strategy to effectively compete with challenging new market entrants. Our recommendations have enabled incumbents to refocus their efforts and maintain advantage as markets evolve in often unpredictable ways.

Strategy Development

Implementing blockchain enables organizations to reengineer their business models and reposition products and services to address customers through new channels and modes of engagement – becoming an even greater competitive force. Dinocrates has decades of cumulative staff experience in developing strategies for companies seeking to reap the benefits of reengineered business models.

Ecosystem Development

The blockchain universe is rapidly expanding, generating new entrants, use cases, and business models. This complexity both challenges incumbents and helps generates new future leaders. Navigating the changing environment requires understanding the pace of development and the path to strategic success. Dinocrates has successfully assisted clients in defining new ecosystems and deeply assessing their future roles. As industry dynamics change, we help our clients to leverage existing competencies in targeted and value-accretive directions within an ecosystem context.

Use Case Development

Leading organizations in multiple industries are asking if and how they can apply blockchain to drive operating leverage. Dinocrates has identified market opportunities and related business models to identify where our clients can generate the greatest leverage. Moreover, we focus on actionable models. Dinocrates has worked with numerous customers to develop new growth platform strategies in markets shifted by disruptive technologies. We enable development of long-term perspectives on market structure as disruptive technologies gain broader adoption.

Dinocrates Group excels at understanding, explaining, and navigating complex ecosystems.

Implementation Strategy

Given the hype and market velocity of blockchain, navigating and implementing it can seem to be a daunting task. The technology is expected to fundamentally alter the competitive landscape, presenting a challenge for anyone seeking to evolve product implementations. We help you identify the vendors that best suit project needs and prioritize the areas that offer the greatest benefits from transition to blockchain. Dinocrates excels at understanding, explaining, and navigating complex ecosystems and have helped companies in a variety of industries implement blockchain and other disruptive technologies.

Pilot Program Analysis

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, the transition to a blockchain-focused organization is likely to start with an experimental phase or pilot program. We identify the business lines, products, and services that are best suited for a developmental program. We then monitor and analyze the results, making the necessary adjustments and refinements to ensure a smooth transition to the broader operating environment. Dinocrates has enabled our clients to develop and implement disruptive technologies that invigorate their growth.