Dinocrates is continuously adding to the private sector markets we serve. This page is currently under development, so please contact us  for more information.

Our Clients

AIM Specialty Health
Bright Health
Fannie Mae
JK Moving Services
Public Consulting Group

Private Sector Healthcare

Healthcare is big business that presents its own unique set of challenges. Laws and regulations change. Compliances such as HIPAA issue complex directives to keep patient healthcare records private and secure. Big data must be harnessed and utilized to keep up with market transformation. The demands of these factors can make it difficult to meet profit forecasts.

Dinocrates works with companies representing the full range of healthcare, from providers and practitioners to pharmaceuticals, clinical research, and care facilities. Our technical consulting services will revamp your infrastructure, networks, and operations to deliver greater value and power innovation while lowering costs. Management strategy will create a clean loop of communication, eliminating workflow redundancies and increasing efficiency of staff. The end result: increased care for patients and sustainable growth for the long-term success of your business.