The federal government is not a true “vertical,” but many verticals wrapped into one. Agencies focus on healthcare, finance, manufacturing and every other mission that exists in the private sector with the goal of promoting the public good of the American people.

we understand BOTH the challenges and opportunities that exist in this unique environment.

Our experience with both large public and private sectors organizations has given us expertise in areas of health, defense, finance, and homeland security. We weave this experience into innovative solutions that improve government operations and technology functions with the goal of helping each agency achieve its unique mission.

The Move to Modern

From modernizing antiquated legacy applications into cutting edge technology architectures, to improving the cybersecurity postures of agencies, Dinocrates has been at the forefront of federal modernization efforts.

Through smart strategic planning and the effective use of technology, we help agencies understand much more than currently what is happening; we help them understand what is possible.