Risk is a necessary part of success, but in business, the old adage of “more risk, more reward” isn’t quite true. Your business needs to take on smart risks that make sense.


With proper risk management through strategy, governance, and risk analysis, Dinocrates can help you make informed decisions and craft an approach that best suits your business goals. Dinocrates brings time-tested frameworks and processes for assessing risk, delivering proven results and worry-free nights.


Enterprise Risk Management

Dinocrates helps enterprise organizations understand and address risk at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels, providing thorough assessments and recommendations for action.

Information & Cyber Security

As a technology consulting firm, Dinocrates has years of experience helping our customers manage IT-related risk. We work not only with your IT department but also your entire enterprise to strengthen against both internal and external threats, so you can focus on your core business.

Cyber SWAT Team™

Dinocrates’ Cyber SWAT Team™ is an elite group of experts able to respond on short notice to critical evolving IT challenges that suddenly confront your business. Our team is prepared to step in to identify the issues, manage immediate needs and create counter measures to mitigate potential damage. We can also conduct the due diligence required for critical evaluation for mergers and acquisitions.

PRIVACY & Compliance

No one likes to share their business or personal information without their consent, nor do they want to run afoul of federal regulations such as FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) and FITARA (Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act), or international ones such as the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Dinocrates puts the solutions in place to protect both your bottom line and keep your data from prying eyes. We also can help you properly ensure compliance and identify and shore up any weak spots that need to be addressed.


Dinocrates’ risk governance services include helping you expertly apply your risk management frameworks, guided by your company’s mission, goals, personnel, and risk acceptance level.


State Division of Healthcare Finance & Administration

Dinocrates provided Federal Information Security and Privacy subject matter expertise to the state’s Medicaid Modernization Program. We defined security and privacy requirements for their RFQ for system integration efforts, including guidance on the latest IT security and privacy regulations, trends, policies, methodology, and processes related to CMS Certification and Accreditation (C&A).

Federal Civilian Agency Corporate Service Office

Dinocrates provided cybersecurity subject matter expertise to our client’s cybersecurity division. Our work included updating the IT Security Manual (ITSM) to NIST SP 800-53 Revision 4 standards, revitalizing and completing this multiple-year effort with the agency’s line offices.

Dinocrates also developed the foundation documents for the Enterprise Security Assessment and Authorization (ESAA) program, outlining cybersecurity CONOPS, the approach, and documentation for cybersecurity strategy and operations going forward.

We introduced effective and comprehensive cost modeling for our client’s cybersecurity initiatives. Additionally, Dinocrates advised our client’s projects on NIST and other federal security and privacy requirements, compliance, and documentation.

In another contract with the same client, Dinocrates supported the identification of program and project management standards to be applied across all cybersecurity IT investments. We have supported the implementation and monitoring of our client’s PM standards, and supported the direct program and project management activities of several cybersecurity programs and projects including implementation of continuous diagnostics and monitoring (CDM), an Anti-Phishing and Malware Initiative, and development of the CSD Strategic Roadmap.