“By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin’s sage words have never been more relevant – organizations that lack practical and insightful strategies to accomplish their goals can’t compete in today’s rapidly accelerating and ever-changing marketplace.


Dinocrates can tailor your strategy based on best practices related to your business, industry, and constituents. We provide accurate insights on your mission objectives, your financial position, the state of the markets, and your competitiveness in those markets. We then help you design and implement a strategic plan – one that is clear, straightforward, and easily disseminated and executable – to maximize your long-term success.


C-Suite (CEO, COO, CIO) Advisory Services

Dinocrates has built a senior team of experienced business advisors and IT professionals to assist any size organization in addressing diverse business challenges. We apply a holistic collaboration of cross-industry functional expertise and deep-rooted industry expertise, to provide end-to-end capabilities through a broad range of technologies.

Strategic Planning Framework & Facilitation

Dinocrates can accelerate the implementation process through our frameworks combined with efficient and effective use of your personnel.


What is your competitive landscape and how will you stay ahead of your competitors? Dinocrates helps you better understand your organization and the competition to help your business thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.


Great – you now have a strategy! With that firmly in place, Dinocrates can help you execute the plan to reap its full benefits. Additionally, Dinocrates can establish a performance management plan that would enable a continuous monitoring mechanism to ensure the desired results are achieved.

Enterprise Strategy

Your company is greater than one individual or one department. Dinocrates helps enterprises structure the leadership pyramid and strengthen lines of communication so the business functions more efficiently and cost-effectively as a whole.

Mission-Focused Strategy

The public sector is vastly different than the private sector, starting with its emphasis on mission over profit. Dinocrates can help your organization create plans that accomplish core missions cost-effectively.

Portfolio Management

Dinocrates can help private and public sector organizations alike to actively manage their business portfolios and balance investment opportunities against the capital or budget available to them.


Member-Centric Healthcare Cover Provider

Dinocrates, in part of starting our work for technology services, provided strategic consulting on organization and value propositions, and developing initial solutions for geocoding business services and enrollment. Dinocrates engaged business and IT leaders to define strategic intent and enable new visibility into member details that would improve quality of care and lower cost.

Federal Civilian Agency Line Office

Dinocrates supported the establishment and execution of a new Program Management Office (PMO). We worked with the lead executive in creating a fiscal year strategic plan to determine the office’s direction and set up performance baselines and measurements. After the strategic plan was created, it was communicated to the staff and execution was monitored for results. Our success with the PMO strategy led to the lead executive requesting that we work with a chief of a new branch of the agency. Dinocrates created the branch’s high-level service delivery strategy and execution plan.

Federal Civilian Agency Corporate Service Office

Dinocrates provided strategic advisory services including strategic, architectural, operational, and communication deliverables related to the agency’s enterprise shared services. Our work included creating strategic planning for governance and a roadmap forward to manage current and future implementations.