As the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Dinocrates, John Hillmann executes the corporate strategy for fostering the enterprise and continuing value through growth, as well monitoring existing business operations with a focus on continuous improvement. He is responsible for the strategic account management of customers, creating and building meaningful business partnerships, the ownership and maintenance of the business development pipeline, and capture and proposal development. His focus on the future advances operational management decisions that leverage market drivers, available resources, and best practices.

Hillmann has over 18 years as a management consultant and project management practitioner in the public and commercial sectors, specializing in the implementation, modernization, and maintenance of business management systems; business development; integration; shared services; federal financial accounting and reporting; program management; planning, programming, budgeting, and execution; regulatory compliance; business intelligence and data warehouse solutions; and IT security.

Mr. Hillmann received his Master of Business Administration from American University and his Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Fordham University.